A scholarly book review session was held in Chandapura on June 19, 2020, by the new perpetually professed sisters Amal Rani, Asha Kattepogu, Asunta Kujur, Reema Tigga, and Stella Mary on ‘Impelled by the love of Christ’ book series. These book series elicit the phenomenal epochs of our SCN history. It manifests all the changes that our community underwent gradually under the initiative of our wise leaders.

The new finally professed sisters dedicated enough time to read these books thoroughly and do justice to it by remarkably presenting their reviews. It was professionally concise, very creative, and factual with the description of the authors. Sisters Amrita Manjaly and Beena Chirackal mentored the sisters for this session.

A short video on the COVID-19 relief works by Bangalore Province was prepared and displayed by the young Sisters.

The first year Novices also prepped a brief summary of the book ‘Pioneer Spirit’ by Sister Mary Ellen Doyle SCN within a short span, which was taught by Malini Manjaly, SCN. The interactive audience was as engrossed in the presentations as they sat back and enjoyed the treat of our congregational memories. All the sisters were marveled and felt a deep sense of gratitude for all the SCNs on whose shoulders we stand today.

The session concluded with a prayer and a song dedicated to the Sacred Heart Of Jesus.

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