Bicentennial Reflections for 2012

This Bicentennial year of celebration can be a time of renewal for us and can provide us with an opportunity to share the “fifth Gospel” of our lives with each other. We invite you to share a personal story/thought/reflection/poem/drawing/other that speaks to you of the meaning of our Bicentennial theme, “Celebrating our Journey of Faith.” These will be published in a Bicentennial Newsline as we receive them. Please send your personal story/thought/ reflection/poem/drawing/other to Jackie Smith at jsmith@scnky.org.

This week’s Bicentennial Reflection comes from David Clare Reasbeck, SCN:

Our SCN Bicentennial

What a remarkable, historical, spiritual, meaningful and fun time for SCN/As and friends the past few months of “Our Bicentennial Journey of Faith” has been with much togetherness . . . How awesome mentioning a few special events:

  • February 11th – 62 SCNs attended the University Louisville basketball game. We were treated to a private suite, pint t-shirts and a pizza party for all. There was lots of cheering!!
  • March 18th – Mother Catherine’s lovely portrait by Robert Connelly was unveiled in the Drawing Room.
  • May 3rd – The Pegasus Parade!! 42 SCN/As and employees walked the 2 mile long parade route. I was so proud to be among them! Present and former leaders rode in the covered wagon. It was truly a moving experience . . . even with the 89° heat!!
  • May 12th – The SCN Ministry Fair was a great success!
  • June 1st – Installation of the Western Province Leadership Team – a joyful acceptance of the new leaders prevailed.
  • June 9th – St. Thomas’ Super Celebration!! It recalled our early beginnings and appreciation of our pioneer Sisters. Visiting the log cabin, first home of our Sisters, gave me a sense of connectedness to them and their early mission. It was a perfect day to remember. There were 150 SCN/As present!

More To Come For 2012!!

Much love and gratitude to all planning committees for such happy months!!

David Clare Reasbeck, SCN

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