Bicentennial Reflections for 2012
This Bicentennial year of celebration can be a time of renewal for us and can provide us with an opportunity to share the “fifth Gospel” of our lives with each other. We invite you to share a personal story/thought/reflection/poem/drawing/other that speaks to you of the meaning of our Bicentennial theme, “Celebrating our Journey of Faith.” These will be published in a Bicentennial Newsline as we receive them. Please send your personal story/thought/ reflection/poem/drawing/other to Jackie Smith at Sister Peggy Voglewede sent the following reflection which is a poem by Mary Ellen Johnson, SCN, who died in 2003:
Rachel’s Sisters

Who were Rachel’s sisters?

What did they do –

these dim figures in sand-colored robes?

Daughters, sisters, wives, mothers,

carers of sheep,

tellers of stories,

speakers of poems.

Who heard?

Who remembers?


Rachel’s sisters have lived

in every age, in every land –

telling stories,

singing songs,

speaking poems.

Who heard?

Who remembers?


I know Rachel’s sisters.

They are with me now.

Quiet, unheralded, strong and wise –

telling their stories,

singing their songs,

speaking their poems.

Will I hear?

Will I remember?


The time of surprise will come.

What magnificent stories,

what glorious songs,

what marvelous poems.

To hear and speak,

listen and sign,

and share.


With all Rachel’s sisters.

And, yes, her brothers too!

Mary Ellen Johnson, SCN

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