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This Bicentennial year of celebration can be a time of renewal for us and can provide us with an opportunity to share the “fifth Gospel” of our lives with each other. We invite you to share a personal story/thought/reflection/poem/drawing/other that speaks to you of the meaning of our Bicentennial theme, “Celebrating our Journey of Faith.” These will be published in a Bicentennial Newsline as we receive them. Please send your personal story/thought/ reflection/poem/drawing/other to Jackie Smith at jsmith@scnky.org.

This week’s Bicentennial Reflection comes from Rose Eleanor Perry, SCN:

This experience is, to me, an example of the ministry of the SCNs who sometimes find themselves overwhelmed, but by the grace of God are urged on to live the “Charity of Christ.”

After I retired from Chaplaincy at Peace Hospital, I volunteered at the Catholic parishes in Shelbyville and Eminence, KY. I lived in senior housing very close to the Jewish Hospital in Shelbyville. One night at about 10 pm, I received a call from a nurse at the hospital asking me to come because a man would not let go of his dead child who had drowned in the bathtub about an hour earlier that night. I ran up the hill to the emergency room. When I saw the young Hispanic father clutching his little two-year old son in his arms, I was overcome. The child looked as if he were sleeping. The grief-stricken parent was crying and looking down at his baby boy. It was almost a pieta scene.

I sat with them, saying things and prayers that I cannot now remember, but I did introduce myself with the several words of Spanish which I knew: I am Hermana Rosa. Soon I gently took the dead child from the grieving father and the nurse immediately took the little one away.

I attended the funeral in Eminence, KY and shall always remember the father carrying the child in a box, a tiny box, just big enough for the little body. Though the “coffin” was white, it appeared to be not much more than cardboard. I thought: Blessed are the poor in spirit, theirs is the kingdom of God.

Rose Eleanor Perry, SCN


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