You may remember the video (below) and story of Bhakta, a young boy born with spina bifida who received care from the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in Nepal. Sister Jyoti Thattaparampil, SCN, at the Navjyti Center in the District of Surkhet is now following up with him to track his progress.

Bakhta with his motherDSC00323

Bhakta with his mother

Bhakta started physiotherapy at the International Nepal Fellowship hospital in Surkhet two months ago. He was taken to the hospital twice a week for exercises assisted by physiotherapists. On other days he does exercises at home assisted by his mother.

A wound on his right foot had healed completely, but it has come back. This makes it difficult for him to walk to the hospital. He has now missed physiotherapy for the last two weeks. He also has developed a fever because of the wound.

Sister Jyoti, Bhakta's friend, Bhakta and his mother at Navjyoti Center during Christmas.

Sister Jyoti, Bhakta’s friend, Bhakta and his mother at Navjyoti Center during Christmas

He has now been taken to another hospital in Surkhet and is being treated and cared for. Sister Jyoti monitors his treatment and care and says, “His incontinence of urine is still the same despite of the daily exercises. Physiotherapists say that he may not improve because of a neurological problem from birth (spina bifida). They say that he may have to live with this problem life long with supportive methods.”

He has missed some time at school due to his health condition, but he looks forward to returning soon. Continue to pray that Bhakta’s health will improve soon.

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