The dignity of Bhakta

Bhakta, a ten-year-old boy in Thathapani Village, was surprised to see Sisters Jyoti Thattaparampil and Malini Manjoly at his home when he returned from school. He greeted them with smile as the Sisters offered him some fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth - Navjyoti Center

Meet Bhakta

At birth, Bhakta had Meningocele (spina bifida). A birth defect in which a developing baby’s spinal cord fails to develop properly. With the assistance of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth located at Navjyoti Center in Surkhet, Nepal, and other benefactors, Bhakta received corrective surgery which helped him to sit up and walk. He still has problems balancing and suffers from incontinence.

Bhakta is a forth grade student in an English-medium school, a system that uses English as the primary medium of instruction. He attends tuition free at a school, considered one of the best in Surkhet.

Unfortunate to be born in a place where medical care is not easily available to address his special needs. Learn about his life, the daily hardships he endures, and his dreams in this video.

Staying positive

In spite of all hardships the young man has faced, Bhakta is a cheerful young boy who likes to play with his friends from the neighborhood. He lives in a simple one-room rented house with his parents and younger siblings. The younger brother and sister are in school and his mother stays home to look after Bhakta. His father works as a daily wage worker.

At present, he is dealing with an infection on his right foot which keeps him often home bound. Since Bhakta is not able to walk to the school, he is tutored near his home. Once his foot is healed he will begin his regular classes again.

Sister Jyoti Thattaparampil with Bhakta and his mother, Ramu, in their house.

The future

Sisters from this part of Nepal often visit and provide nutritional food to offset his increased risk of anemia.

Despite his incurable condition and the pain he has suffered, Bhakta is receiving special care and affection from the Sisters and all of those around him. It is the gift of this tremendous love which has transformed his life and given him the confidence to live a life of dignity.

Sister Malini Manjoly was pleased to see Bhakta doing well.