Friends and Sisters of Charity of Nazareth joined Sr. Maggie Cooper, SCN (fourth from right) to bid her farewell at a Mass celebrated by Bishop Christopher Glancy, CSV at the home of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth on April 27.

From The Christian Herald, May 2017

A group of people gathered for what was a sacred moment of mixed thoughts and feelings. Gratitude and love for a special woman was probably the strongest emotion within all who were present on Thursday, April 27 at the home of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth located on Princess Margaret Drive in Belize City. This was blended with a touch of loss for the Catholic community as it was acknowledged that Sr. Maggie Cooper, SCN’s time for being in full-time ministry in Belize, after 18 years, had come to an end.

Sr. Maggie asked that the time together be a blessing and a celebration. And so it was. She and her discipleship were celebrated with the Eucharist led by Bishop Christopher Glancy, CSV joined by friends of Sr. Maggie from the north, south, east and west of Belize. Her SCN sisters, SCN associates, religious communities, LIMEX graduates, recipients of the Basic Religious Certi cate program, members of the Pastoral Life Commission, and other partners in ministry shared stories of the impact Sr. Maggie has made in their lives and communities. She has pioneered various programs within the diocese.

Furthermore, she has led the development and growth of Catholic ministries for laity through training, education, formation, friendship, moral support and empowerment for individuals and teams. What was beautiful was the love each person at the gathering has for Sr. Maggie. Everyone knows they have had a great mentor and cheerleader in Sr. Maggie. The ministries she has been influential in forming are very much alive, and those present knew they will be carrying well the gift of ministry this fearless, smart, loving, faithful daughter of God has guided them in developing. “She has planted seeds in us and begun to water them. We will continue to water these seeds.” It was shared numerous times that the impact this Sister of Charity has made in the Church of Belize is nothing small. In fact, it is tremendous, far-reaching and long-term. Each part had been built out of pure love for God and for the people of God, a love Sr. Maggie never measured but gave willingly and consistently.

Bishop-Elect Lawrence Nicasio, Steven Sabal, Sr. Maggie Cooper, SCN and Pete Castillo pose for a photo.

It was indeed a celebration. As Sr. Maggie departs she will leave the gift of footprints of God’s Spirit that can never be erased. We say farewell, but mostly we say thank you God for loaning us such a beautiful committed woman. Also, thank you Sr. Maggie for everything you have done and for who you have been. We love you and as many of your friends said that day, you will aĺways be in our hearts. We wish you every blessing!

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