The Belize City sisters held a retreat this last weekend under the theme of “love one another as I have loved you.”

The day started off with a welcome, overview and icebreaker by Barbara Flores, SCN. Maggie Cooper, SCN, then broke open the Sunday Gospel by leading a lectio devina session.

The group moved from looking at LOVE of God to love of self. Beverly Hoffman, SCN, led this session by allowing the women time to look at themselves in a mirror taking time to really look deep within, without criticizing themselves. This then led to the letter writing session, where the young women had time to reflect on themselves and then write love letters to themselves. The experience of writing the letters was shared and all thought it was helpful.

In the afternoon, the session of loving others was led by Carlette Gentle, SCN. In this session, the young women had the chance to look at some practical ways of loving others and they shared that love is not easy. To put some of what was being said into practice, the women had a session where they were split into 3 groups. They had to work as a team to create a loaf of bread. However, with 3 in a group, one was blind folded and she was the only one that could mix the ingredients, the other could just read the recipe while the third person was the runner to get the ingredients. With these challenges, they had to work as a team while still exhibiting love. After the three different loaves of beat bread, carrot bread and spinach bread were all kneaded they were split in 3 so that each group got a piece of the other group’s dough. The 3 different loaves were braided together symbolizing the coming together of our differences, gifts, cultures, etc.

While the bread rose, the women got to share their experience of the exercise. A piece of each bread was ritually cut and the bread was used for a bread breaking ceremony. The retreat was a success and all enjoyed it.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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