Bakhtiarpur Community Health outreach team organized a special event to observe the HIV and AIDS Day at Belthan Village on Dec. 1, 2016. This village has many HIV and AIDS-affected people. Many of the men from this village work as migrant laborers and rickshaw pullers in big cities.

Through a street play, adolescent girls depicted the story of a young migrant couple who had contacted HIV. Through awareness songs, the animators informed the people how to prevent this dreaded disease. Kiran Kaniyamkandathil, SCN, was the chief guest for the program.

Mr. Binod a staff in ORP spoke to the people about the sickness in detail. Sister Kiran talked about the negative impact of the disease and the importance of having knowledge to keep oneself safe. More than 400 people including children were present for the program. Leena Padam, SCN, program coordinator, thanked the people for attending the program in large numbers and taking a keen interest to learn about HIV and AIDS. She also thanked the team for the informative street play.

Leena Padam, SCN