Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN, shares the following story:

Looms and Potter’s Wheel

In our attic for many years, were one medium size loom in good condition, and one that was mostly “dis-assembled”. In a dark corner of the attic, close to the St. Vincent DePaul window, was a small potter’s wheel.

An attic “purging” began before the Covid crisis and inquiries were made to various people and places, if these items could be put to good use. A Berea College Instructor led us to a young graduate, a single Mother, who was interested in the looms. Arrangements were made to pick up all the looms March 23, 2020. Then Covid set in.

Between last year and this year, our young Woman made contact with another Berea graduate who was interested in the potter’s wheel.

Arrangements were made again to pick up looms and wheel. Our young Mother, from Western North Carolina, arrived in a 1994 Ford Truck (that she “maintained”) on a nice, sunny day in late February. All was loaded and off she drove to Wolf County in Eastern Kentucky to drop off the wheel.

Our Woman Weaver recently wrote that the good loom awaits her – she can hardly wait to warp it. Her friend with the potter’s wheel is opening a shop where he will be doing demonstrations and was excited about using the small wheel for that purpose.

A short personal ending: I wanted to express my appreciation for y’all’s consideration and flexibility. It made the whole project quite low stress on my end…..I have not yet taken a moment to write a short overview of my life thus far, but I will send when I do.

An interesting fact: Our Woman Warper’s Mother had visited Nazareth years ago!