Sister Florina Joseph joined St. Philomenaโ€™s Hospital as a COVID-19 volunteer with 20 others. She completed her training program on May 8, 2021, and sent this message after the first day in a coronavirus ward. Let us support her through our prayers.

โ€œI was put in a ward with 16 critical patients, two of whom died today. The patients are extremely depressed, helpless, and struggling to breathe. About seven younger persons and the others from 50 to 60 years of age. From the minute I stepped into the ward there was plenty of work to be done. There is no time to sit. Listening to the stories of each patient makes us feel so helpless. Their eyes are so full of tears because they know death is by their side. But they do believe God can heal them. I assured them that all my Sisters are praying for them and they seemed hopeful after that. So please do pray for the 14 patients left in the ward. This is only one of the wards. There are more like this and more patients in a similar state. Let’s pray harder. There is so much more that I experience here but I am unable to share everything. I truly consider this opportunity to serve as a blessing.โ€