Felix Garza, SCNA, a board member of the National Farm Worker Ministry, has been invited to participate in a meeting sponsored by Catholic Relief Services to discuss problems immigrants face on the way to the United States. The meeting is in Mexico City, Mexico, July 5 – 7.

The shared border between Mexico and the United States has created unique cultural, social and economic ties between the two countries. Catholic Relief Services did not have a formal presence in Mexico during much of the 1980s and 1990s, but increases in poverty rates, inequality and human rights abuses prompted CRS to open a program in Mexico in 2001. Since then, CRS Mexico has worked to create alternatives to migration through farming and microfinance programs. They support the efforts of human rights and peacebuilding groups to protect indigenous people, lobby for labor rights and provide peaceful conflict resolution.

CRS Mexico provides humanitarian assistance to thousands of vulnerable migrants traveling through Mexico in search of a better life, while contributing to Catholic advocacy efforts in the United States to address immigration issues.

CRS works in partnership with Mexican church agencies, nongovernmental organizations and grass-roots associations in these efforts. In the United States, we work closely with Catholic organizations and others to develop cross-border relationships, increase fair trade opportunities and raise awareness of injustice in Mexico.

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