Under the direction of the government of Haryana, a health check up of all the children of Asha Kiran by a team of Doctors was held on the 5th of March. The doctors who arrived from the State Headquarters at Chandigarh examined the children for their general physical well being, eye care as well as dental care.  Most of the children showed that they had good health.  A few needed dental, eye and ear care.

To their great joy and relief the certification order reached them on 6th March 2013.  They are now a recognized center in the eyes of the government of Haryana. Sisters Beena Chirakcal, Lucy Puthukkatt and Selvam Vedamuthu and now Sujata Malliakal need to be commended for their untiring efforts to get through this seemingly unending process.

Yet another feather in Asha Kiran’s cap is the participation of 16 children at the opening ceremony of a weeklong aviation awareness during the Women’s Worldwide Aviation Week held at New Delhi from the 4th to the 10th of March. The children were exposed to the multitude aspects of the aviation industry in order to raise their aviation awareness as well as to encourage them to fly high with their dreams. It was an experience of a life time for all of them. Some of the comments made by the children are indicative of their own experiences:

“I saw the aeroplane for the first time.  I saw how people help each other, how they talk to each other politely; they were well disciplined…”  (Usha Baby)

“We must be proud to be girls… We should stand together and fight against the atrocities against women … Today people do not recognize the importance of girls, and so they want more boys…We should not be afraid of anyone in our lives…”  (Kajal)

“I learnt that women can become pilots…I was excited to go to Delhi and see aeroplane…When we were having the simulator experience I felt as though we were really flying in the air…”(Sangeeta Kumari)

“After the simulator experience I want to become something in my life…(Nargis)

“After the experience I realize that we must put our best efforts to learn more and more so that can stand on our own feet in our life … (Ruby)

Written by Ann Palatty, SCN
in Dharuhera, Haryana

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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