As Executive Committee meetings continue this week, those present for the sessions are SCNs Susan Gatz, Sangeeta Ayithamattam, Brenda Gonzales, Adeline Fehribach, and Basanti Lakra. Members of the Extended Executive Committee, Vice Provincials Rhoda Kay Glunk, Tonya Severin, Philomena Kottoor, and Sheela Palamoottil are also in attendance for meetings and discussion.

Though unable to attend meetings, Ann Palatty, SCN, is daily mentioned in the meetings and her photo sits at one of the spaces around the conference table.

Yesterday, Wednesday, February 22, 2017, Sister Susan shared a message from Sister Ann. Above you will see a photo the group took in Mardi Gras masks to send to Sister Ann with well wishes. Pictured from left to right, SCNs Philo, Brenda, Tonya, Adeline, and Jackie Smith, SCNs Sangeeta, Susan, Kay, Sheela, and Basanti. 

Sister Adeline chaired Wednesday’s meeting and Sister Sheela gave the opening prayer and the first report of the day. She shared updates on membership and missions in the Bangalore Province, among them, an update on: the candidates, and ministries in Musunuru, Dharuhera, Kakkavayal, the Snehalayam Opportunity Center, and Chandapura, as well as a reflection upon the decisions reached in the recent Assembly.

A number of discussions took place throughout the day around:

– systemic change and the need when considering a new ministry, to ask the people that are in the area what they see as community needs before beginning the ministry, to have input from those directly impacted;

– India moving towards becoming a cashless society and requiring all citizens and businesses to operate using debit and credit cards as opposed to cash, and how this has and might continue to impact SCN ministries;

– aging in place in India and ways to address member needs;

– exploring the possibility of one of the CLT members living in India at Gurgaon;

– and, suggestions for orienting future new members of the Executive Committee and Extended Executive Committee once they take office.

Sister Sangeeta gave updates on Botswana, and reflected upon how membership, ministries and vocations continue to prosper. Next, she shared updates on funds that will be distributed to support various organizations carrying out systemic change. Five new organizations were approved for support. These funds come from money set aside from the ministry fund each year.

As part of the afternoon’s sharing, Sisters Susan and Sangeeta reflected upon how they both enjoyed being able to attend the two assemblies in the Bangalore and Patna Provinces.

Thursday, February 23, 2017 began with prayer led by Sister Kay around the theme “Greeting the morning and daybreak.” The group sat in meditation as the song “Just sit here for awhile,” played, followed by shared readings. As the time of reflection came to a close, committee members offered up prayers for those things that may be worrying them or have touched them this week. Among the prayers offered, prayers for the Sisters who are dealing with illness or diminishment, prayers for all members of the SCN family including lay members and employees who assist daily with ministries, Sisters newly elected or moving into new roles as leaders of ministries, and prayers for world leaders and lawmakers.

Following the prayer those gathered learned about a unique Mardi Gras tradition, a special treat, King Cake. As the morning continued, the Western Province Leadership Team presented a number of province updates, among the highlights, updates regarding ministries and membership and vocations, formation, the work of various committees and preparations for the upcoming Province Assembly in March.

Following liturgy and lunch, Patsy O’Toole joined the meetings. She gave a report on the Office of Mission Advancement including the following items: donor statistics/trends, a reflection on the future, Congregational fundraising priorities, and a review of a proposed Accountability Report for the General Assembly.

Sister Susan led a discussion around ongoing preparations for the General Assembly including updates on the location, the Steering Committee, and potential participants.

As the day wound down, words of thanksgiving were offered for all that is taking place across the Congregation. Sister Kay brought the day to a close with prayers.

To view photos from the EC meetings, please click on this link:

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