The SCN “child friendly spaces” which began after the earthquake of April 25 in Nepal, came to a close on August 8. SCNs Aisha Kavalakattu, Lisa Perekatt and Philomine Bading organized a closing ceremony for the children there. Sister Lisa gives the following account of this.

“Under the guidance of three volunteers — Binita Ghale, Sinita K. C. and Teresa — the children were helped to recover from the shock of the April 25 earthquake. They entertained and kept the children occupied during the day through activities and games. Gradually, the children were able to continue with their studies. The children spent about 5–6 hours each day at the center in May. In June, when the school reopened, we changed the class timing. Children came to the center after their school hours. Children were helped with their home work.

“What we noticed in the children is that after a few days of interactions they were more happy. We could see their smiling faces once again. We continued the program for three months, May to July. Children were also given snacks during the day.

“On the last day of the classes, children put on a small program in appreciation for all the help they received. On that day, Sisters distributed notebooks, pens, bottles of ink, school bags, pencils, geometry boxes, umbrellas, rain coats, and water bottle. These were given to 85 children, who were overwhelmed with the gifts they received. Their joy was doubled when they received a packet each with sweets, burfi, laddu, apples and fruit juice.

SCNs Lisa, Aisha and Philomina with Father Samuel Simick SJ

“Rev. Samuel Simick, SJ, (brother of Sister Cecilia Simick, SCN) the priest in charge of the parish was the chief guest. Sisters Aisha and Philomina and the staff were also present for the occasion. It was a day of gratitude to see the smiling faces of young children beaming with joy and appreciation.”

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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