“All of us need to name the life that is, and to make choices each day about the life we want now and for those who follow. Each day we are creating the future we want by the decisions we make and the actions we take.”

Occasional Papers, Donna Fyfe

Dear Sisters,

We have received a letter from Mother Clare Millea along with the Instrumentum laboris, the working document for the Apostolic Visitation of Religious Congregations in the U.S. You may access these documents from the website: www.apostolicvisitation.org, or you may click on the following links:

We expect to receive the Questionnaire, which is Phase 2 of the process, in early September.

The Executive Committee had prayerful discussion of these documents at our meeting, and we are pleased to share with you our thoughts as we considered the decisions and actions before us in regard to the Apostolic Visitation.

We invite all who would like to do so to gather in faith groups, local communities or area groups to discuss the Instrumentum laboris, especially Part B: Reflection Topics for the Apostolic Visitation. This is a way for us to be involved together in the process, as well as an opportunity to reflect and share with each other regarding our life in community. It is a time for deep, attentive listening as we dialogue in truth and charity.

As we consider the Reflection Topics for the Apostolic Visitation in relation to the reference documents given, the SCN Constitutions afford us a way to discern and contemplate our own truth, our own integrity in regard to the topics.

Though the Apostolic Visitation is centered in the U.S./WP, we invite participation from around the congregation through prayer or response to the Instrumentum laboris.

As a congregation, let us create a contemplative space where we can search together and be in solidarity with each other. Let us be united in prayer. Although the Apostolic Visitation is not of our making, it is an opportunity to articulate once again and share where the Spirit has led us during the years following Vatican II. This process is a defining moment in our history, and can be a time of blessing as we pray for the courage to move where God is calling.

In Catherine’s Spirit,

If you wish to share your reflections on Instrumentum laboris, especially Part B: Reflection Topics for the Apostolic Visitation, please comment below. This format will allow us to share reflections with others across the congregation.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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