Annual Report

Thank you to these donors during the fiscal year of Sept. 1, 2016, to Aug. 31, 2017, for their support of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth’s missions.
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Legacy Society

SCN Legacy Society Members who helped make SCN Ministries possible this past fiscal year. Thank you to the following who made donations from September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017

Nora J. Ballard, SCNA

Harrison and Catherine Barrett

Anne Marie Beavan, SCNA

Shirley Bohnert

Mary F. Boyce

Claire Breen

Phyllis J. Carter, SCNA

Sharon M. Cecil, SCNA

Maria Regina Courey

Margaret J. Drury

Rose Ann Esterle

Anne E. Ferrucci

Mary Gene Frank, SCNA

Robert M. Fugazzi, SCNA

Ann K. Hardman

Agnes I. Harrington

James and Theresa Hengehold

Mardeth Jones

Virginia M. Kern

Margaret B. Leibson

Trudi E. Maish, SCNA

Joni Marsall

Mary Martin, SCNA

Rosemary McAdam

Maria M. Melendez, SCNA

Helen Nugent

Rev. Robert E. Osborne, SCNA

Theresa O’Sullivan

Patsy O’Toole, SCNA

Paula Palotay

Shirley M. Rogers

Mary Judith West

Mary Wimsatt, SCNA



Catholic Health Initiatives

Church of St. Maurice Hunger Program

Rev. Joseph Finan Mission Trust

Mildred V. Horn Foundation

Thomas and Joan Pike Fund

Schmidt-Messmer Charitable Trust

Martha A. Schroering Revocable Trust

Sisters of Charity BVM (Hunger Fund)

The Pittsburgh Foundation


Private funds maintain operating costs so 100% of what you donate goes to the missions of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.
Preference of Funds

Right now I am able to be at home because of the Sisters, and because of the hospice.

-Setshego, patient to the Sisters in Botswana


William Pike Conway Estate
Verna Lee Craig Estate
Georgia M. Ellinger Estate
Margaret S. Ferrell Fund
Jane Fulton Estate
Sister Danielle Jankoviak Estate (Helen T. Jankoviak Estate)
Ray and Margaret Kemp Estate
Maryellen Kern Estate
Henry E. Nangle Estate
James Frank Nobel Estate
Jeanne Marie Hutchins Reinstedler Estate
Donald H. and Barbara K. Robinson Estate
Henry and Elinor Rohlman Estate
Dolores May Ross Estate
William Logan Scott Estate
Eleanor Tarallo Estate

Mission Cooperative Program


Archdiocese of Indianapolis, Indiana
Archdiocese of Dubuque, Iowa


Catholic Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky
Diocese of Kalamazoo, Michigan
Diocese of Saginaw, Michigan
Diocese of Saint Cloud, Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Diocese of Reno, Nevada
Diocese of Columbus, Ohio
Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania
Diocese of Wheeling/Charleston, Wheeling, West Virginia


Vincentian Academy (Pittsburgh, PA)

Father Andrew White SJ School (Leonardtown, Md. )

Summerville Catholic School

Presentation Academy Louisville

Presentation Academy Trip Expenses

Sacred Heart Schools Louisville

Christ the King School

Lexington Catholic Campus Ministry

Source of Funds

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