Running up to the first anniversary the great earthquake of April 25, 2015, the members of the child club had a fun day at Bakhtapur’s Fun Valley near Kathmandu, Nepal, on April 23, 2016. They recalled and reminisced the many blessings that they have received in the last one-year.

Immediately after the second great quake on May 12, 2015, the Sisters had begun a few ‘child friendly space’ to deal with the trauma of the children at Koshidheka area. The children were brought together under a tent with the opportunities for games, fun, food, sharing and studies. Around 200 children took advantage of this facility. In extending the same program to the nearby high school, we came in contact with the bigger school going children who were deeply traumatized by the quakes. With the help of the School Principal, we formed a child club with 10 children in January 2016. We intend to make many more child clubs. We hope to move into other schools to have various inter-school programs.

A one-day seminar was conducted for the members of the child club on motivation, team spirit, responsibilities of children, gender equality, importance of education, environment and how to recognize and address issues affecting the children and the society. They clean up the village roads and the school compound regularly.

We organized an outing for these children, teachers and staff for fun and relaxation. They were given a red T-shirt and a cap with the emblem of Navjyoti. Kalpana Bikha, a Class VIII student said that she felt fortunate to be part of this child club. She said, “It’s a dream come true for me to visit this Fun Valley.” For the first time, many of them saw a swimming pool and ate from a hotel. Jivan, a class IX student said the he will never forget this happy time being in a pool with friends and many other people.

In the evening, the children returned to their homes with lots of good memories determined to move on in life after a few hours of fun and relaxation. It was a thanksgiving day for the SCN Sisters and the staff who have worked and walked with these young children and their families during the last one year in countless ways.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

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