Sister Jessie Saldanha is helping to coordinate an ambitious vaccination clinic in Karnataka. As head of the department of pharmacy, Sister Jessie and her staff at the St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, along with the leadership of the Community Health Department medical fraternity, assisted in coordinating the vaccination drive in the light of the wave of COVID-19 pandemic currently ravaging India.

The vaccination clinic is taking place at the City Metro Station in an attempt to vaccinate all metro workers. This population of workers is mostly migrants from Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand, and West Bengal. The request for this clinic came from the Karnataka state government. In two days 6,500 people were vaccinated.

As vaccination drives are taking place daily at St. John’s for the general public, Sister Jessie is also closely monitoring the logistics and cold-chain of the Covishield vaccine at the department to ensure proper storage control.

“I am supported by the management and my departmental staff at every stage in these initiatives,” says Sister Jessie. “I feel the support of my entire Congregation during these trying times for humanity and I feel the drive of Mother Catherine within me to help serve.”