Jyoti, a student of the School of Nursing from Kurji Holy Family Hospital, Patna, is the proud holder of the silver medal from the Mid-India Board of Nursing, Nagpur, Maharashtra. She stood second in the board examinations held throughout her three and a half years of studies. It’s a big achievement for her and for the School of Nursing.

Jyoti hails from a remote village in Jharkhand. She comes from an extremely weak economic background. Neither the poverty nor the remoteness of her locality prevented her pursuing her dream in life. From early onwards, Jyoti excelled in her studies. Sister Gemma, MMS, noticed in Jyoti the aptitude for further studies. She helped her to get admission at the school of nursing. Initially, the MMS Sisters helped her financially. Her second year expenses were met with the scholarship from the SCN Bicentennial fund. The hospital itself assisted her for the third year of studies.

Jyoti considers herself privileged that both the MMS and SCN Sisters contributed towards her education expenses. She has made both the groups proud by getting the silver medal of the year 2016.

Jyoti means “light” in English. Jyoti you are not only a light for young women but an inspiration for the many economically poor young girls like you to dream high and work hard to achieve it in life. We wish you, Jyoti, the very best as you move on with your life as a professional nurse. May you be an instrument of healing presence to the sick and consolation for many.

Jackulin Jesu, SCN

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