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People around Koshidekha area are restless as the corn is getting ready to harvest as they have no storage space. Corn is their staple food. They used to preserve the corn in their attics. The earthquakes of April 25 and May 12, 2015, completely destroyed their mud houses and all the preserved food items. In visiting some of the families in Roetpink and Salari Villages in Koshidhekha area, all that SCNs Philomina Bading, Suchita Kullu and Malini Manjoly heard were requests as to when Navjyoti Center could help them to rebuild their houses.

Sisters Philomina and Suchita with some of the child care center children in Rotepink Villages

Sisters Philomina and Suchita with some of the child care center children in Rotepink Villages

Sisters Philomina, Suchita and Malini caught up with a few of the child care center students at Rotepink Village. The children are having their exams in school. The child care centers are closed for the exams. The children said they miss going. Subdra, one of the teachers said that the children are doing well in school. One of the mothers, Mittu Bisunke, that the Sisters met said that her child, Romila is very eager to attend the child care center after school. Her child is happy with the nutritional food that she gets from the center. The headmaster of the Koshidekha School, Mr. Rajman said that the enrollment in his school has gone up because of the two child care centers in Koshidekha area.

The Sisters walked through the fields to meet a handicapped girl Salari Village. Her father Basu had a stroke and became partially paralyzed after the April 25 earthquake. Muna Kharil was injured after she fell from a tree few years ago. She has a pinning and plating in one of her legs and the other leg is bent. But nothing could prevent her from learning. She completed sewing classes at Dadding. Muna has a sewing machine which she runs with one leg. Her family live in a tin hut that villagers helped to make. They have no means of income except the little Muna makes with sewing. Navjyoti Sisters gave extra food items, tin sheets, and other relief materials to support them.

Suchita Kullu, SCN, converses with a woman on her way to Koshidekha

Suchita Kullu, SCN, converses with a woman on her way to Koshidekha

The SCNs continue the rehabilitation work among the victims of the great earthquake of April 2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal, with periodic visits to the villages and by giving presence and psychosocial support through counseling in the Koshdekha area and Baniyatar Villages. Sister Suchita gives counseling to people who are still affected by the earthquake.

Nepal continues to experience tremors above 5 on the Richter scale besides the ongoing struggles in coming to consensus on making a constitution for the country and the reorganization of Nepal into Provinces. Despite that the Sister’s work and ministry continues as they have recently distributed immediate relief materials such as food, tarpaulins and other needed household items. They distributed tin sheets for temporary shelters and corn seeds to 260 families.

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