Rom. 10:9-18; Ps. 19:8-11; Mt. 4:18-22


Rabindranath Tagore voiced his faith, articulating his conviction that God does not despair, God never becomes frustrated in Her purpose to bring humankind and their history to wholeness and happiness; God never gives up. There is no end to God’s patience. God continues to give us life and hope. God sends prophets and saints to call and coax us to come back to Her to find meaning and live in peace and harmony with all humans and with the created world.

Today such signs of hope are visible all over the world: Pope Francis’ recent encyclical, Laudato Si, is a sure sign of hope in its urgent call to the whole world for deep inner conversion and a radical reshaping of our relationships with God, with our neighbors and with the natural world. The signs of hope are also seen in the awakening and movements of people, in the struggles of those who are poor, in the resistance to oppression; it is visible in new births, new dawns, new blossoms, new dreams and visions – all throbbing with the promise of a future where justice flourishes.


Loving God, as I enter this Advent season, lead me to a deeper conversion of heart as I mend relationships with others and our natural world.


Am I a visible sign of God’s hope for all of creation?

Today’s Advent reflection is by Rita Puthenkalam, SCN, Delhi, India


Graphic by Kaytee Ambrozich, Charity Alive, Missoula, Montana

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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