Is. 45:6-8, 18, 21-25; Ps. 85:9-14; Lk. 7:18-23


John sent two disciples to Jesus to ask “Are you the one who is to come?” Jesus replied “Tell John what you have seen and heard.” Jn. 7:18, 22

Encounters are made with the patients we visit in the hospital, the elderly people with whom we sit, the students we assist in reading, the smiles we share with another. How many times do we stop to think that MAYBE an encounter with God was made?


God of the Encounter, as we go through this Advent season, help us see and hear Jesus’ message. The blind will see by making someone realize his or her beauty, the lame will walk by lending a hand, the lepers will be cleansed by lifting up society’s outcast, the dead will rise by giving support to those who have given up on life, the poor will realize they have gifts to share that money cannot buy.


Are you the one to come?” No need to ask because you already see and treat everyone as God in your daily encounters.

Today’s Advent reflection is by Carlette Gentle, SCN
, Belize City, Belize.


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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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