Zec. 2:14-17; Jdt. 13:18-19; Lk. 1:39-49


“Shout aloud and rejoice, people of Zion! I am coming, I will make my dwelling among you, says God.” Zec. 2:14

Have you ever been an “Ishkatay? ” It’s quite an honor, but one that also bears a specific responsibility. The “Ishkatay” is the builder of the sacred fire, the lighter and keeper of the flame.” Fuel must be gathered and guarded.

Elijah, fiery prophet, was God’s “Ishkatay.” Within his being, fire burned boldly and brightly as he made known God’s will and presence.

I am charged, no less than Elijah, to give God’s word birth in my life. I too am the “Ishkatay.” My responsibility is to tend the spark, fan it to flame and keep it alive so that it spreads into the lives of others.


May the fire within me be as a wildfire…not the California forest type that destroys landscapes and lives, but an “Elijah” type fire that changes and nurtures … that challenges and embraces God’s love in each varying manifestation.


In the midst of all the preparations and events of the Christmas season, I will tend the flame with a joyous mindfulness of moving from darkness to light.

Today’s Advent reflection is by Sarah Geier, SCN, Nazareth, Kentucky


Graphic submitted by TaNaa Davis, Charity Alive, Louisville, Kentucky


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