God invites us to wait.
Nobody knows for how long?
Nobody knows what to expect when the wait is over.
God asks us to wait by and in faith.
God, help us to make our waiting time well-spent.

And so we wait.
And we are comforted and strengthened
in the knowledge that we do not wait alone;
we do not wait in vain.

Throughout our history,
across the earth as we know it,
prophets like Isaiah, Amos, Micah, and Hosea;
saints like Peter, Mary, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and
Malala Yousafzai have waited for the world to change.

We wait with the prophets, wise ones,
peacekeepers, and justice seekers,
assured that we do not wait in vain.

For the day will come, God says. Just wait for it.
God, give us the strength and perseverance to wait for your word.


Prophets throughout History
By: Alydia Smith and Adele Halliday

For Reflection

Am I awake, open and ready to recognize the visitations of my God in my life? Looking back over the day, can I recall an instance where I recognized Christ?

Contemplate the Heart of God
Sr. Rita Puthenkalam, SCN


What same old ways of thinking could keep us from paying attention to the possibilities that are inviting us into a different way of being?

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