Dear Sisters and Associates,

The following reflections have been received in response to the past four weeks of the Accountability Report being shared with the Congregation. Thank you for your sharing from your prayer and reflections.

At the General Assembly we sang over and over again, “You are the heart. You are the hands. You are the voice of Spirit on earth. And who you are and all you do is a blessing to the world.” Let us rejoice in the ways we have lived those words.

Easter Blessings,



(For Sangeeta, Brenda, Adeline, Ann, Basanti, Kay, Philo, Sheela and Tonya)



  • In thinking and praying about all our responses to our Vision and Directives, I am more and more conscious that we are the Body of Christ across our world.  There is an intercession in our Easter Week Vespers that is close to my heart and ministry among us…”Jesus, You come to us in the weariness and powerlessness of the elderly…give us your wisdom that we may recognize You in them by showing them tender, reverent love, heartfelt gratitude, and service.”
  • My deep gratitude for all our Congregational Leadership Sisters and all those who gathered all our responses. With prayer,  Margaret Lillian Davenport, SCN
  • The SCN’s and Associates have been giving a homily at Nazareth Home Liturgy for over a year now.  Sr. Barbara Peterson serves on the Mission Board of Nazareth Home, and she made a proposal to ask if the sisters could give a homily  once a month.  The Board wholeheartedly  approved both the priests and the residents enjoy hearing a woman’s perspective.
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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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