Dear Sisters and Associates,

During the February/March Executive Committee meeting, the Provinces and the Mission in Botswana were asked to share ways that they have brought life to our General Assembly 2013 Vision and Directives. Our hearts were filled with wonder and gratitude as we reflected on the energy, creativity and fidelity we saw in the reports.

Over the next four weeks we will share those reports. We invite you to take them to prayer, thanking our God for all that has been accomplished, imagining all our Sisters and Associates around the world who have given of themselves, and asking the Spirit to guide us to new places for the sake of the SCN Mission and the Gospel.

If you want to share any of your reflections about what you read over these four weeks, please email them to Brenda Gonzales, SCN ( or mail them to her at P.O. Box 172, Nazareth, Ky 40048. On the fifth week, we will share those reflections with you as well.

At the General Assembly we sang over and over again, “You are the heart. You are the hands. You are the voice of Spirit on earth. And who you are and all you do is a blessing to the world.” Let us rejoice in the ways we have lived those words.

Lenten Blessings,



(For Sangeeta, Brenda, Adeline, Ann, Basanti, Kay, Philo, Sheela and Tonya)




  • Expanding the table through recognizing the gifts and active involvement of SCN Center staff – developing a family spirit.
  • Congregational Directors’ continued involvement in decision making and the Actuarial Process.


  • The Community Retreat was planned to help towards improving life and deepening relationships. Those who have made the retreat have experienced renewed energy, deeper commitment towards improving relationships, etc.
  • All of the Local Communities have made Goals and Action Plans to implement this Directive. During the visits of the Province Leadership Team, the Provincial meets every Sister and conducts Community meetings to enhance Community Life, to bring about reconciliation and to work towards better Community ethos. The Province Leadership Team monitors the implementation of Community Goals and Action Plans twice a year.


  • House Goals and Action Plans have been made to implement this Directive and conscious efforts are being made by the Sisters.
  • It is mandatory for each Sister in the Province to attend the Community Retreat conducted by the Resource Team. It has been designed for community building and reconciliation so that the Sisters will have renewed life and energy for the mission.
  • During Province Leadership Team visitations, the Provincial and Vice Provincial meets with each individual Sister and the Community in her own area/region to ensure that the Community is doing well in every matter.
  • Each Community is taking time together for outings/picnics/weekly recreation/fun time, for relaxation and well-being.
  • During the Leaders’ meeting in December 2013, one day’s session was on Community. Sufficient time was provided for personal reflection and group discussions. The emphasis was given on a new way of understanding that “Community itself is a Mission.” The Coordinators gave reports on how they had been able to implement the Action Plans made for the year.
  • Some Communities have done evaluations of their House Goals 2-3 times a year. There is better performance in those Communities.


  • Established a House of Hospitality at the Eastern Parkway location in Louisville that will provide hospitality to women seeking to live in community.
  • The Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and Violence Committee is planning a convocation that hopefully will deepen our relationships with one another to further our mission especially with women and immigrants.
  • The Justice Committee has engaged the Province in identifying where the energy for justice issues are and listening attentively to feedback through surveys and conference calls. The work of the Committee and the conference calls have allowed us to deepen relationships and deepen our listening to each other. This collaboration builds relationships and helps to further the mission.
  • The Global Exchange Committee fosters community life and the deepening of relations to further the mission by interviewing those who hope to go on global exchange and debriefing those who have gone on a global exchange.
  • The Belize City Local Community lives cross-culturally and inter-generationally with several ethnic groups under the same roof. It is committed to theological development to deepen their relationships, and build trust. They recently welcomed Carlette Gentle into the Local Community and have welcomed novice Marie Flowers for a short-term stay. This deepening of our relationships provides the support needed to carry out their diverse ministries, which include working with the elderly, women, disabled children, teachers, catechists, and the Church.
  • Regular updates for specific actions related to social justice issues are explained in the Motherhouse dining room by Joetta Venneman, PBVM and Sisters are invited to take action.
  • Some Sisters were present for the Central Leadership Team prayer time in St. Vincent Church.
  • Many Sisters participated in and/or listened to SCN speakers regarding mission activities so that they can better pray for them and support their efforts. These included:
  • S. Shalini shared her work with the domestic workers.
  • S. Barbara Joseph Lammers gave a presentation on the Bluegrass Pipeline.
  • S. Luke shared what she is doing with regards to Disaster Relief.
  • In March 2013 there was a presentation on Human Trafficking.
  • One Faith Group in Boston has begun a Girl Up Program with girls in need of education in India. This effort has also forged bonds between SCNs and Associates in the United States with SCNs in India working with the girls who are being educated.
  • One of our Associates had been a chaplain in a women’s prison for 20 years. She retired but keeps in regular contact by letter and phone with 10 of the inmates. One of these is a Muslim woman who has been through so much in prison as a minority with a minority faith.
  • Botswana

    • Faith sharing.
    • Community meetings.
    • Various celebrations.
    • Outings.
    • Keeping in touch with each other through phone calls.
    • Appreciating, affirming and supporting each other in our ministries.
    • Reaching out to each other in all our needs especially in times of illness.
    • Potluck gatherings.
    • Take time to come together to relax and to play.
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    All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

    Ps 98

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