A wonderful gathering took place last night as SCN family members came together at Nazareth, Kentucky for a time of sharing and conversation around SCN ministries with members of the Central Leadership Team. Present to give the presentation, Sisters Susan Gatz and Brenda Gonzales.

Dozens attended the discussion and reflection at Nazareth, which included a powerpoint with Congregational updates, and a special message from SCN Vice President Sangeeta Ayithamattam who is currently in India. Sister Sangeeta gave updates on her visits to ministries across India and key decisions that have been made.

SCN collaboration with the Charity Federation was also discussed. Sister Susan talked about all the ways we are involved with the Federation. If you would like to join the Sisters of Charity Federation online community there are several ways you can participate. Be a part of the conversation on Facebook and Twitter, or sign up to receive the latest Federation news straight to your email through a RSS feed. This includes highlights from Future of Charity, House of Charity, the United Nations, all Sister Congregations and more! 

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