A thank you, from Sisters in Belize

The SCNs in Belize City want to express their deepest gratitude to all. You prayed, sent emails and messages of support during and after Hurricane Earl. We have felt so encouraged and buoyed by you as we face the aftermath of the hurricane. Much cleaning has happened and continue to as we deal with mud, debris and water damage. We are grateful to note that there was no loss of life in the entire country. As preliminary reports and assessments begin to come in we know that many people suffered loss of roofs, serious damage to homes, entire homes, property and agriculture. In our ministries our seniors have experienced damage to their homes and our schools properties have been damaged. It will be a while to recover from the economic losses to our nation that was already in the midst of financial struggle. However the “can do” spirit and resilience of our Belizean people will make all the difference as we face the times ahead. Your support is a significant part of that difference.

Once again we SCNs thanks to each of you for your ongoing support in the many different ways you do so and we ask for your continued prayers. —SCNs in Belize City

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