The eve of women’s day was celebrated by the women at Gurgaon along with Asha Niwas in a unique manner. The women, majority of whom, retired senior citizens belonging to Lioness Club of Gurgaon, sponsored a sports day for the children. About 200 children, all non school going, belonging to the non-formal education centers, Ashaniwas, Chakarpur American Montessori, and H4, were present.

The Teachers and the children were so excited and the whole day of the March 7, was spent in preparing and getting ready the ground for the show. The DLF (Delhi Land and Finance) Children’s Park was used for the sports. The children from the four non-formal schools took part in the competitions. Every one enjoyed the fun and time together. There was tough competition not only between the students, but also with the teachers too. They were highly excited in motivating the kids to bag all the prizes. There were about 15 items. The children, both boys and girls, big and small, all had a delightful and enjoyable time together. The sports lasted almost four hours, but all were very active, alert and enthusiastic till the end. The office bearers of the Lioness Club were equally active and excited through out the show.

The Asha Niwas children delighted the audience with various drills and aerobics which were enjoyed by all. The finale was a sumptuous dinner for all sponsored by the Lioness Club which the children enjoyed to their heart’s content.

Finally, when the prize distribution came, all wanted to receive prizes, especially the little ones stating that they all took part. They were given sweets as consolation.

The real winners got steel plates, glasses, and bowls as gifts. Asha Niwas and Chakarpur units bagged about 28 gifts. It was a day of great pride and joy for all of us especially for the Lioness Club members. They celebrated the eve of the Women’s Day giving life and hope to the poor and deprived children of the locality.

Written by Sister Nirmala Mulackal, SCN

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