In their desire to have a pastoral approach in all their ministries, Sisters at Kutuderi Health Ministry, SCNs Archana Valiaparambil, Anjana Kunnath, Anita Murmu (Sr.) and Mary Bridget Lakra, prayed with a family on Feb. 9, 2017 in Kutuderi Village, India.

In January, Michael, the head of the household, succumbed to an auto rickshaw accident leaving behind six daughters and their mother, Tarcilla . A drunk driver of an auto rickshaw struck Michael, he died within four hours. Michael had worked as an active catechist in the local parish.

Earlier, Michael sold some of his land to the Sisters to build a dispensary. Usually, tribal people of this area do not sell their land, but Michael thought of the good of the people. A health center in the area was in great need. Before the health center came, many people, especially women and children, died due to the lack of immediate medical attention.

Tarcilla and her daughters were pleased to pray with the Sisters this evening. Neighbors had been spreading rumors that she is a witch in an attempt to scare her away and grab the family’s land, for she has no sons. Women have no ownership of land among the Uraon Tribe.

Tarcilla is a woman of deep faith. She believes that her faith will help her family through this difficult time. The Sisters in Kutuderi continue to give their spiritual guidance.

Archana Valiaparambil, SCN

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