… A compassionate presence for villagers

Imagine living in the beautiful, peaceful, terraced hills of Southern India … almost heaven! Now imagine being there in the midst of torrential rains, devastating floods, and ensuing mudslides.

Our Sisters in Kallanode remember well the monsoons of August 2018, a time when they witnessed surrounding roads washed away and widespread destruction of livelihoods in their village. Most sadly, hundreds of lives were lost.

Destruction at a neighboring home during the 2018 flooding in Kallanode.

As the people continue their struggle to rebuild, Sisters Bridget, Sheela and Filomina continue to be a compassionate presence and help. Their prayer and dedication is a support to the poor, elderly, sick, and homebound whom they serve. They also work to empower women, teach remedial classes for children, and help with the pastoral needs of the parish.

The three Sisters living in Kallanode, who helped so many, are now in need of help themselves. During the rains, they were afraid that their simple two-bedroom house would collapse. The foundation now has serious cracks and water leaks in when it rains. Termites are destroying the wooden door and window frames.

In order for these three Sisters to effectively continue their ministries, they clearly need a new house. Their hope is for a solid structure that will withstand future rains and one with sufficient space for additional activities to benefit the people.

The projected building cost is $145,000. Together, we can reach the goal and watch with joy as the “new” Nazareth Convent takes shape and becomes a home.

Sisters Bridget, Sheela and Florina visit the sick.

During this poignant season of Lent, each of us is called to conversion of heart through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Your “alms,” of any amount, will help the Sisters’ hope become a reality. Please join us in sheltering Sisters Bridget, Sheela, and Filomina.

As we journey from Lent to Easter, let us support each other in prayer. May we also become a reflection of God’s extravagant love and come to bear in our lives the joy of Christ’s Resurrection.

Sarah Geier, SCN
Coordinator of Donor Relations

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