Friend of Sister Miriam Corcoran, Anne Marie Leofanti, a graduate of AWHS High School class of 1965, inspired by the stories of the SCNs dealing with loss, shared the following reflection of her own.

Hello Sister Miriam,

I read The Journey magazine from the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth which I received recently. I was amazed to learn that three sisters have moved into the Mississippi home where Paula Merrill, SCN, and Margaret Held, SSSF, lived for many years prior to their murders in 2016. I am very familiar with the song “All Are Welcome”, and it is so fitting for their situation. I will keep them and their “ministry of hope” in my prayers, as well as the SCN sisters who are living and ministering in impoverished areas of India after the floods of 2017.

Do you have access to America magazine? I’ve been a long-time subscriber and was surprised to see an article (3/19/2018 issue) about the Chicago Catholic Charities LOSS program with which I’ve been involved for nearly 20 years. My daughter Tonia, her three children, and I attended the November memorial service described at the beginning of the article. I am well-acquainted with the parents who each lost a beloved son. The 4 of us are facilitators with the program. On the last page of the article is a photo of two of the 23 quilts which have been made by LOSS. The second quilt contains one of the two squares which I made in memory of Angela. It’s the same quilt which was displayed in the chapel at the St. Casimir Mother House where I visited with a sister last summer. You can read Angela’s name stitched on the piece. I hope you can find the magazine, Sister. You will understand why those of us in LOSS have a hero in Father Charles Rubey.

Blessings to you during Holy Week!


Anne Marie

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