Asha Deepam, which means, “ray of hope,” is a center for children with intellectual challenges located on the outskirts of Trichy, India. The primary objective of this compassionate Sisters of Charity of Nazareth ministry is to ensure the integration of children into society and to foster dignity into their lives.

During the past 24 years, more than 300 students of varying intellectual challenges have been trained. John was among those children who had multiple intellectual and physical challenges. He slowly, but surely, mastered the activities of daily living, all the while exhibiting his own special qualities of perseverance and confidence.

When John arrived the movements of his limbs were without coordination. He could neither stand properly nor walk independently. His legs trembled as he tried. Yet, he became a wonderful inspiration to all. As his physical conditions improved his talents became more evident. He enthusiastically participated in all sports events and cultural competitions. John achieved an outstanding milestone when he passed the national high school exam. After 10 years, John returned to his home. Happy to be an entrepreneur and with the help of his mother, he now manages a mobile food cart which he pulls through the streets to serve others delicious food.

Please help us support the Sisters and staff of Asha Deepam as they continue to reach out to those children who would not otherwise receive an education or much needed specialized care. Would you consider making a gift to help other children like John?

May God bless you abundantly!