A new mile stone in the history of Nazareth Vidya Niketan, which was opened in 1969 in Chatra District, Jharkhand by one of the Six Pioneer Sisters – Sr. Ann Roberta Powers as it first Principal, was created on February 6, 2013 with the beginning of its Alumnae Association. 83 X-Students of 17 Matriculation batches (1995-2012) had a one day Orientation Seminar by Sr. Marianne—the first principal of NVN High School (1993-2003). With the use of multimedia she took the students through the growth and impact of the school for the last 44 years and gave input on the history, aims, objectives, function, by laws of the Association as well as the SCN Charism, saint Vincent de Paul, the patron of the school as preparation for the forming of the Old Students’ Association.

The one day program began with lighting of the oil lamp and garlanding the photographs of St. Vincent de Paul, Bishop David and Mother Catherine Spalding. Sr. Marianne gave a short explanation on the significance of these great persons and their relation to the school. After this they sang the School Anthem: Nazareth Vidya Niketan hamara ,Sunder aek chaman hai. … Sr. Rashmi, Headmistress of NVN Middle School warmly welcomed all the participants which was followed by a delightful welcome song by the present students. Sr. Mary Grace Xalxo, present Principal of the High School was the hostess , making everyone feel at ease, and seeing to all the needs. The X-students of each batch had time to introduce themselves and share memories. After the power point presentation the participants discussed in small groups and reported on what is their role, what they can do for their Alma Mater and how they become agents of transformation at home and in whatever walk of life they are in now.

The Sisters and teachers who were present for the occasion was profoundly touched as many of the X-students shared some of their positive experiences of the school: the compassionate personal care they received, the inculcation of disciplined way of life, and the values of reaching out to the needy impelled by love, etc. As we listened it was very uplifting and reassuring that all our hard work, persistence, frustration, and daily efforts are slowly bearing fruit as it has made them persons who now practice and promote compassion for the needy, discipline, excellence and respect for all. Then the members constituted the Executive Body of the NVNOSA and Sr. Marianne Puthoor, the Resource Person of the day gave them the lit oil lamp as a symbol of accepting the responsibility to keep the Association alive, lighting the lives of others.

Written by Sr. Marianne Puthoor

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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