To You, My Mother (Amma)

By Sarita Manavalan

It was a marvelous secret
You kept it in your heart.
Until you could hide it no more,
You met the world with a shy smile!

You might have guessed it would be a girl.
when the moment came
To show the world Your “precious one”
You found only your sister-kin.
Her father’s closeness was needed for you
To share the joy of her coming
But the tradition kept him far.

There came a smile
when he saw her in your arms.
She is beautiful and tender,
And different from the rest, thought, he

Caring and loving you were to her
Sensitive and delicate she grew.
At times gentle, at time strong
You seemed to be to her.

Arrival of many of us made you weak
Yet you gave tender touch to each one.
You admired your own creativity
And said to yourself, “this one is good”!

Days passed, people changed.
She grew wise and holy
concern was in your heart
For the future of your “precious one”.

She showed signs of youth,
Dreaming of her future,
Leaving her home and kin,
Struggling with the pain of separation,
As if, it was forever.

And the time came for her call to Bihar
And she bid goodbye to her loving mother.
Two lives separated by space and time
To be united in another space and another time.

The Mother Earth moved six times,
And came closer to you first,
And took you in her lap,
Leaving a vacuum in your “precious one”.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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