A message from the Sisters returning from the global exchange program:

“We are very glad to let you know that all of us reached Delhi safe and sound. Our flight was on time as scheduled and arrived at Delhi air port at 0106 hours. We did not have any problem on the way. We sat at the airport till 4am. After that we hired two pre paid taxis and reached our convent in Delhi. Thanks a million for all that you have done for us. You went out of your way to see to our needs. We deeply appreciate your love, care, and concern for us. You are in our hearts, prayers. May the Lord grace you with His choicest blessings. We miss all the Sisters and Motherhouse. Please convey our regards to all of them. Here it is 2nd of Aug., Sunday. Some of us are sleeping. Sisters Nirmala, Rita and Manisha went for parish Mass.”

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