A message from Sister Evelyn

Dear friend,

I celebrated my 103rd birthday in March! While I cherish every year of my life, I am most grateful for the 84 years as a Sister of Charity of Nazareth. So many precious memories revolve around my 75 years as a teacher. I still keep my students in my prayers and love reconnecting with them. I am writing today to ask you to help another teacher – Sister Elizabeth at Navjyoti School in Surkhet Nepal.

Navjyoti School began in a training center in the village. They have outgrown this building as enrollment has grown to 650 students. A new school building was constructed and with your help, will be furnished with desks, books and computers. In surrounding villages, our Sisters provide an education to children where there are no schools, by constructing one-room shelters and training local teachers.

I ask you to remember Sister Elizabeth and her students in your prayers. We are all connected in this world and our prayer is a unifying force.

Think about your own life. Was there a specific teacher who inspired you? Use the enclosed card to give us an update on your life or to share a memory of one of your favorite teachers.

As you consider a financial gift to support the children in Nepal, know that the children, their parents and all the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth give grateful thanks to God for you.

Will you join me? Your donation will be an affirmation in the hope of a quality education and a future of peace and goodwill.