The mobile health team in Nepal takes care of the patients in the villages of Surkhet where the poor and sick come for treatment.

An older, sick woman with severe arthritis who was brought to the mobile clinic in one of the villages in Surkhet, Nepal.

She was carried in a bamboo basket by her son and the neighbour from a village far away. There are no roads or even a proper footpath for which to walk. No two people with the stretcher can walk side by side. This basket, a doko, is normally used for carrying firewood, grass, dry leaves, cow dung, and other things. It is hard and painful for the person to sit on it. She has no choice, but pull herself to adjust in this transportation.

She has to sit in this basket and her son would carry her hours to reach their village over hills and valleys.

We hope and pray that her pain will be eased and she comes for the follow–up visit next month to the mobile clinic walking by her self. Until then please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

The mission of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth is to work for justice in solidarity with oppressed peoples, especially the economically poor and women, and to care for the earth. SCN family ministries in Nepal include:

  • Mobile health clinics
  • Rehabilitation of mentally-ill women
  • A school for physically/mentally challenged children
  • Schools for elementary through high school students
  • Non-formal education for village and street children
  • Adult literacy training in marketable skills in cottage industries
  • Centers for holistic care
  • Human rights education for women
  • Development centers which help women become leaders and transform the status of women in their home villages