Broadening Our Perspective

What is God calling us to during Lent? What is God calling me to during Lent? Think outside the box…

Pray. Fast. Give Alms. The message has been repeated often and in varied ways. Lent is a time of personal conversion.

FedEx and Walmart are among the companies who advertise the joy of receiving one of their boxes. Really, who doesn’t like to get mail or a package?

The Church has given each us a “Lenten package” in which we find the guidelines: pray, fast, give alms. Yet, it seems I am being asked to “think outside the box”.

What, specifically, is God calling me to during this third week of Lent?

I can go to Mass, read the Bible, recite certain prayers; can I also read of the plight of others and offer my daily work as a prayer for them? I can fast from candy or meat; can I also fast from forms of selfishness or impatience? I can put money in a “poor box” or give to a worthwhile cause; can I also give my time in listening to another or in helping with a project or in volunteering? I can ask God for the grace of personal spiritual conversion; can I also ask for the strength to “take a stand” for those who have no voice?

As we resolutely, with love, continue our Lenten journey, let us also resolutely and lovingly support each other through good example and prayer.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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