As July 3 was approaching, I was wondering how to celebrate my golden jubilee since I live alone in the Bronx? As I was figuring out, which online Mass would be suitable for the occasion, I approached Vinod Vincent Fernandes SJ of Jamshedpur Province studying at the Fordham to offer a Mass on Zoom. (Vinod is a nephew of Fr. C.R. Prabhu of Jamshedpur Diocese and his sister Jacinta Fernandes was an SCN novice.) He was very generous in his response and asked, “who else would like to join the Mass?”

This provided an opportunity to invite my Jubilee companions, Ann Scaria Menonparambil, Jean Kulangara, and Vinita Kumplankel to join the Zoom Mass on July 3 at 10:00 AM Eastern Time and 7:30 PM Indian Time. (We had two Zoom practice sessions earlier to avoid any snags.)

We were able to have a hymn, shared homily, and intentions. This coming together on Zoom, to celebrate God’s unfailing love and faithfulness during the past 50 years and our own response to God in continued faithful commitment was indeed a rare one. In gratitude, we lifted up to God all SCNs, our families, formators, friends, and all who have journeyed with us during the past 50 years. During the Communion when we sang, “We are many parts, we are all one body,” each of you was present to us in spirit.

We are who we are, because of each one of you – your love, support, and companionship. We parted our ways while singing, “Come live in the light! Shine with joy and the love of the Lord! We are called to be light for the kingdom, to live in the freedom of the city of God! We are called to act with justice, we are called to love tenderly, we are called to serve one another; to walk humbly with God!”

Certainly, an invitation to continue our life journey.

Indeed, we were blessed with the best jubilee gift ever possible given the unique pandemic times we are experiencing. What the future holds for travel and celebrations is uncertain at the moment. 

(While we jubilarians were having Mass on Zoom, my family from India, United States and Canada were having Mass on Zoom to thank God for the gift of my vocation and for all SCNs.)

Teresa Kotturan, SCN