Recently, Judy Sabol, the sister of Clement Sabol, SCN, visited Nepal and some of the ministries of the SCNs there. She shares this report.

This past November, my husband and I embarked on a journey to the mountains of Nepal to complete a trek of the Annapurna Sanctuary in the Himalayas.

While traveling through Kathmandu, we made arrangements to visit the Novjyoti Center, a school for handicapped children that is run by the Sisters of Charity. (My sister is an SCN, living at Nazareth, and I have read with great interest of the work the sisters on doing on behalf of the people of Nepal). Sister Lisa Perekkatt, SCN, is the school administrator, and lives in a house on the campus with Sisters Aisha and Philomena.

We were very warmly received on the morning of our visit, and were surprised to learn that, in addition to a tour of the school, we were to attend an assembly of song and dance that the students were eager to perform for us. We were captivated by their enthusiasm and hard work.

The tour afterwards allowed us to see and further understand the important work and learning that happen at the Center. Having a disabled child in an impoverished developing nation presents a daunting challenge for a family in Kathmandu. If not for the Novjyoti Center, the students would not be receiving schooling and cognitive therapy. The center works hard to find and support each student’s strengths and maximize their development, while teaching the skills needed to continue to live and potentially contribute to their family.

We took many pictures and some video clips of our visit; we are grateful for the welcome that the sisters, staff and students extended to us.

See more photos here.

As a unique and vital program, the Navjyoti Center needs our help and support.


Judy Sabol & Bob Portman