Manuel was only 12 years old when Sister Luke Boiarski met him in Las Flores, Belize. Every day he would come to help with a home build. To show him her thanks after working so hard, Sister Luke gave him a watermelon to share with his family. She drove him home that day and watched as he ran up the long pathway to his home. He motioned for her to follow him and come inside to meet his mother and siblings. When Sister Luke saw the poor condition of Manuel’s home she knew right away that she would someday return to build a home for him.

Manuel is now in his twenties. He has helped with many volunteer home builds in his community. Now he has a home of his own. The one that Sister Luke promised to him when he was a child.

Lay women and men continue in the cross-cultural partnership with the economically poor and marginalized established by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth volunteer program. This group recently returned from Las Flores where they completed the work on the home for Manuel and his family. In putting their faith and love into action, they have helped others and furthered the mission of Christ.