“I was roaming around with friends and drinking alcohol. There was tension and unhappiness in my life and for my family.”

These are the words of Arvind. He is a farmer in the village of Maunadhi near Kutuderi Village where Sister Anjana Kunnath ministers at the Nazareth Health Center.

Arvind did seasonal agriculture in the traditional ways of farming. He says he did not know much about the modern ways of cultivation. Making a living was difficult, but his life began to change in 2014 when Sister Anjana motivated him to attend a three-day training seminar on current best practices for agriculture. “I discussed with my family everything I had learned during the training,” says Arvind.

That year his family cultivated rice, corn, wheat, onions, and potatoes. With his new-found knowledge and a successful crop, he was able to do even more the following year. “We started to grow chickens, fish, and goats along with the farming. Cultivation increased and improved every year along with our annual income,” says Arvind. “Today I have no time to go with friends for drinking or wasting time. There is a change in me and my family. For the better, we are happy.”

Many families have come to appreciate the field work that Sister Anajana and her staff carry out. Sister’s knowledge in the field of cultivation and herbal medicines has helped many in the rural Chechadi Valley.

Arvind concludes, “Along with my family, I am grateful to Sister Anjana and all of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth who constantly encouraged and supported us to improve our lives!”

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