A family atmosphere for foster children

“In the good ole summertime …” opportunities for fun and relaxation abound! Most of us can fondly recall a picnic, celebration, back yard project, vacation, family reunion or some type of impromptu gathering that became the source of great memories.

Camp Maria Retreat Center, a ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, provides an ideal setting for individuals who, otherwise would not have the opportunity, to experience the joys of such family-related events. Located in southern Maryland on the bank of Breton Bay, Camp Maria began almost 80 years ago as a summer camp for girls and has continually developed its outreach to serve girls, boys and families and include a wide variety of retreats and much-needed programs for special needs groups.

campCamp Ohana

One of the newest programs is “Camp Ohana” designed for children in foster care. Ohana is Hawaiian for “family” and the hope is that children will leave Camp Maria with a sense of having a new, strong, caring “family” so that the positive effects will be long lasting. The natural beauty of Camp Maria, along with the commitment of its staff, offers a brief respite in the lives of these at-risk children.

During Camp Ohana, siblings who have been separated into different foster care homes reunite with one another. Together, these brothers and sisters create memory boxes which stand as a reminder of their connection even when they are apart. Other foster children arrive at camp and do not know each other, yet soon realize they have much in common and quickly bond.

You are invited to support Camp Maria’s outreach efforts and the program for children in foster care, “Camp Ohana”. The cost for each foster child to experience camp for two days and one night is $105. Would you consider making a gift to cover the cost of one child or more? Please know that your contribution in any amount is deeply appreciated and will allow campers to experience a new sense of healing and unconditional love. You will be helping to create a peaceful atmosphere in which unbridled laughter will echo through the future.

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