On July 6th Arunodaya, Patna inaugurated the third certificate course in Social Work to create agents of social change. It is full to capacity with 24 students. They kept coming from the East, West, North and the South of Bihar and Jharkahnd like the scripture said. Rosleyn and Marcelline, the two SCNs, really had to make room for all these vibrant young women. And now all SCNs can be proud of our existence in Mokama. Three of these beneficiaries are from Mokama.

In the inaugural address, SCN Provincial, Sangeeta encouraged the young women to become sunshine as the name of the Institution- Arunodaya (Sunshine) stands for the society. With hard work and God’s blessings you would become good agents of social change, said Sangeeta.

Vicar Generals of Patna Archdiocese and Buxar, Fr. Devasia M.V.G and Sebastian Kanekatil blessed the occasion with their presence and good wishes. Fr. Devasia invited the women to offer themselves to the service of humanity which will lead to their personal and social development. Fr. Sebastian urged the women to recognize the strength of women and how it can be utilized for social change. This is exactly what you will learn being with your gurus in this gurukhul institution for ten months, said Fr. Sebastian. A good complement for our SCNs!

Both Sangeeta and Roselyn specially welcomed Marcelline to Arunodaya. Ten months to go to see the society brighter with the presence of these trained agents of social change. Best wishes to the Students and the Gurus!

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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