From Nirmala Mulackal, SCN

A newborn Baby girl was found placed in a shopping bag wrapped in a torn skirt in the Howra-New Delhi – Janata Express in the bitter cold morning of December 29, 2009. The passengers on the Janata Express heard the cry of the baby child and found the little girl shivering in the bone chilling icy cold morning. They handed over the bag to the Railway Police who brought her as Christmas gift to Nazareth Hospital. Shivering with cold, she was received at the emergency room around 6:00 a.m. She was named “Christi” (our Christmas gift) and admitted with great joy to the nursery. On examination by Dr. Shanti Mary James, SCN, it was found that Christi was a healthy baby crying for food and warmth. Soon Christi found that there were many hands and hearts reaching out to her with their tender loving care.
In the warm and loving hands of the nurses and the doctors at Nazareth hospital, Christi felt safe and secure. The arrival of “Christi” was announced in the local news papers and many childless couples phoned the hospital to adopt the baby. Finally, Christi was handed over to the eager couple, Mrs. Shanti and Pious, who delightfully adopted her. Orphaned on the day of her birth, in less than a week’s time, Christi found herself in the comforting, consoling, caring and loving embrace of Shanti and Pious. It was so thrilling and heart warming to see Christi open her eyes when Pious took her in his lap.
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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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