Kerry Linde is looking forward to the Sisters of Charity’s 5K at the motherhouse in Nazareth on June 1.

“It’s a really beautiful place to run,” she said.

Linde does a lot of 5Ks and sees them as a good way to promote both activity and charity.

“It’s better to raise money by getting people to run rather than raising money by getting people to eat and drink more,” she said.

Linde, who moved here with her family from England three years ago, joined KORT Physical Therapy’s running group after being treated for knee pain. Her family also runs. Last November, her husband, Dan, and their little girl, Joy, competed in the St. Joseph Montessori 5K Color Run.

“5K is a really accessible distance. It’s challenging, but if you want to stroll with your family and walk it slowly, you can still get done in an hour,” she said.

Run with a Mission

SCN’s Run with a Mission is the latest on a crowded calendar of charity 5Ks.

The website Running in the USA ( lists six upcoming races in Bardstown this year, but that’s probably the tip of the iceberg because it doesn’t list SCN’s new one or some that have been around awhile, such as the Nelson County Community Clinic’s Run for the Health of It.

Bardstown City Clerk Mary Riley said it’s hard to know how many there are because the organizers, not the city, get encroachment permits from the state.

Rather than running theirs on state highways, the sisters decided it would be on their campus, which has paved and unpaved paths.

Sisters Chris Kunze and Lisa Polega, committed runners, were responsible for the idea.

“They wanted to come up with a way to share the campus with other people,” said Diane Curtis, an SCN spokesperson. “It’s to further awareness that it’s a beautiful place to get away, and it’s a sacred place.”

Curtis said they asked other runners who organize 5Ks what they thought, and “It was a resounding yes.”

The 5K will benefit SCN’s ministries, including their overseas work from Belize to Botswana.

Something different

Elliot Mattingly, a physical therapist and member of the KORT running group, doesn’t do as many 5Ks as he used to because there are so many, but he’s pleased that SCN are doing theirs.

“I like the fact that they’re doing one because it’s so beautiful out there and because it isn’t all the same people,” he said.

With so many races, it’s good to offer something different, he said.

“I think people think it’s an easy way to make a lot of money,” but to be successful, it’s important that they not all be the same.

Mattingly and his wife, Amanda, are working with others to do a Bourbon City Mile in Bardstown June 14 to celebrate National Bourbon Day and will use the money raised to support walking trails in the city and recycling.

“We’re making ours a mile” because it’s different and do-able for so many, he said.

Five kilometers is a little over three miles.

Dan Bradley, a track and cross country coach at Nelson County High School, agrees with Mattingly that there’s a difference between hosting another 5K and offering “a good one that can grow.”

They’re more work than some might think, he said. They require many volunteers, an official timer and a computerized system, and every participant must be seen as a customer who gets the best experience possible for their entry fee.

NCHS does a couple annually that are open: the Labor Day 5K and the Hillbilly Run, which have raised funds to pay medical bills for those in need.

“I think it’s a great way to show people not only the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and running but to be able to bless somebody in our school community,” he said.

There’s no denying, Bradley said, that “5Ks have become tremendously popular.” And it’s easy to understand why they’re good choices for charity runs.

“You can train for it and crush it, or if you want, you can just relax and walk,” he said.

He wouldn’t want to see so many of them that they overlap each other or reach a “saturation point,” he said, but added: “I don’t think we’ve done that yet.”

SCN Run with a Mission June 1

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth will host a 5K race, Run with a Mission, on the grounds of the motherhouse on June 1, beginning at 8 a.m.

They hope it will be an annual event.

The meeting place for the walk and run will be at 140 Main Ave. on the SCN campus.

The entry fee is $25 per runner now, but the price increases after May 11.

Money raised will go to support SCN’s various ministries, which included several overseas missions.

More information is available at and those who are interested in participating may register online.

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