Now that the initial steps of relief work following the April earthquakes in Nepal are over, Navjyoti Center in Kathmandu is distributing blankets on to 507 families of Kavre District, Koshidekha VDC, in Nepal where cold weather has set in. Most people spend the cold nights without many sleeping aids under their tin roofs.

Koshidekha 3

An elderly woman wept in the crowd of people when her name was not found in the distribution list. She cried out loudly begging for a blanket. Her pleading was heard and attended to by the Sisters. Sisters Rosita Kavilpurayidathil, Aisha Kavalakattu, Lisa Perekkatt and Suchita Kullu along with staff and volunteers reached out to these earthquake survivors. Sister Rosita was very happy to visit Koshidekha. She had come from Surket. People at Koshidekha are very grateful to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

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After the earthquake, children in Rotepink and Timalbasi Schools have been supported through different child-friendly activities. On Nov. 27, 2015, they were provided with study materials.

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Two theologians, Prakash and Ritesh from VidyaJyoti, Delhi, spent two weeks in Koshidekha. They visited every ward giving people motivation, counseling, career guidance, manual help, and emotional support while being there. Their presence was a boost for the people. Prakash and Ritesh returned home with rich experiences.

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