Preferential option for migrants

A migrant worker from West Bengal, and his companions living in Vellimadukunnu, wanted to move out due to the pathetic condition of their building in which they were staying. The did not anticipate the hardships that were to come.

On Oct. 20, they approached a neighbor for a new residence. He agreed to keep all of them in a small room in his residence with a demand of a security deposit. The migrant workers readily gave him the money. They were not aware of the fact that he himself was staying there on rent and he had kept them without the permission of the owner.

After two days the owner came to know about it upon reaching the residence he chased out the migrant workers and locked the room. The migrant workers asked for the return of their security deposit, but it was refused and the man holding it disappeared. All efforts to reclaim the money went in vain.


Sister Gracy intervenes

It was not until the intervention of Sister Gracy Thombrakudy and her team approaching the police and the local government authority, that the money was returned in its entirety.

Stories such as these multiply each day as Sister Gracy continues to work with migrants through awareness sessions. She helps those who face the handicap of obtaining justice due to the lack of knowledge of the local language and the lack of money and power to confront unjust systems and structures.

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